Energy Innovations
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What is Green Energy?

Whiteface CISD working with Green Energy Resources and Services as client representative for construction oversight began installation of a ground sourced heating and cooling system for the Whiteface campus in the spring of 2014. Together with BGR Architects (Lub., TX), IEG,Ltd (Grapevine, TX), Anthony Mechanical acting as general contractor (Lub., TX), Monty Moore Drilling (Lamesa, TX), and Just Geo Loops ( Pawnee. OK), two thirds of the installation was completed in time for the 2014/2015 school year and the final third of the installation was done during the summer of 2015.

After testing the geo thermal exchange system technology in the district’s 50 year old gym facility, school board members and administrators made the decision to move forward with total campus heating and cooling system renovation.

Circulating water through polyethylene pipes buried underground, ground source heating and cooling systems provide a substantial long term cost benefit. The process helps stabilize energy use to help reduce demand charges and the inside installation reduces maintenance and repair costs. Component deterioration significantly decreases due to lack of outdoor elements and provides a lasting durability unavailable with other systems.

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